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Established in 1997, the Company has built a good reputation that respond to the needs of its growing clientele. The Company has an impeccable record of first class quality service with all its existing clients.

Our Company is committed towards its expressed objective of assisting all our clients. We are committed to the principles of empowerment, equality and the need to transfer skills and in the selection of our portfolio of future associates, we will remain conscious of these challenges.

By maintaining a “Focus on Integrity”, Dumpit employees will help to minimize business risk and liabilities, while maintaining high standards of personal and professional conduct. This focus will be a key ingredient in creating a reputation for organisational and operational excellence.



Dumpit Waste Removal is a privately owned waste removal enterprise whose vision is to maximize the shareholder value through superior quality service that surpasses the expectations of our clients, communities where our Company operates. This vision will be achieved within the regulatory parameters set by the national, provincial and the local regulating authorities.


Our mission is to become the premier South African organization with the foremost standards and superlative performance in our particular service industry. We will be one of many active players in this business, but we will be distinguishable from the rest by our unparalleled responsiveness to the needs of our clients.


The Company’s core values are integrity, respect, responsibility, citizenship, environmental stewardship and excellence, all of which emphasizes the need for fair and honest business dealings in all aspects of the Company’s business.



OUR Company will always strive to conduct its operations in accordance with the relevant local By-Laws and National Legislation. Furthermore, we will continuously strive to become responsible corporate citizens who place the safety of our employees and of our communities before our profit objectives.

We pledge to treat our clients, their properties and backyards with all due care and decency. Incorporation of environmental considerations into our decision-making process. We promise to do no harm to the environment that we share with our fellow South Africans.

In conclusion, we fully support the South African Environmental Policies, and pledge to follow all relevant Legislation in regard to the same.


Our Company is committed to a positive Affirmative Action Policy whereby employees are selected on merit, suitable training provided and share in the risks and rewards in their areas of accountability.

The Company has voluntarily registered with the Department of Labour in terms of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998.


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    pmrPMR Diamond Award